Worlds Away Safaris (formerly Acappella Safaris) is a small and intimate firm offering customized safari planning services that result in life enhancing journeys.

Have a Positive Impact

One of our goals is to support operations that actively work in conservation, benefit and involve local people and provide access to pristine places, leaving only a minimal footprint. Unfortunately, the term “ecotourism” is thrown around quite loosely, but when done right, a little bit of support from us here goes a long way in Africa. 

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Madison all cleaned up for a school photo.

Madison all cleaned up for a school photo.

Young Madison posing with a prickly visitor.

Young Madison posing with a prickly visitor.

Life in a research camp is not for the faint of heart.

Life in a research camp is not for the faint of heart.

Erica Varga - The Journey

Erica Varga, owner of Worlds Away Safaris, specializes in adventure travel in Africa.

"It's like another world!", exclaim many of Erica's travelers.  Africa offers you a rare escape into an uninhibited environment void of the clatter and distractions present in our modern world. The journey will alter perceptions of your own culture and will have a profound impact on you personally. 

Erica has been traveling to the remote places of East and Southern Africa for over twenty-five years. In the mid-1990s, she led guests from around the globe on overland safaris across Botswana and into Zimbabwe for a leading company in the safari industry. Through the years, she has retained many personal and professional relationships that, together with her work experience in the bush, contribute significantly to her ability to design an exemplary safari for you. 

Safari is a Swahili word meaning, “journey”. Erica promises to design a safari that provides an opportunity for you to completely immerse yourself in Africa’s wild landscapes. It is the goal of Worlds Away Safaris to make this a very personal journey for you and one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences that you will have.

Erica and her daughter, Kya, live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy adventure at home through kayaking, mushroom hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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Madison McNutt - The Ultimate Bush Baby

Madison would like to believe that he can whisper to the wild animals of Southern Africa, and to a certain extent, this is very believable. He grew up in a small tented research camp in the Okavango Delta, where he thought it was perfectly normal to have to protect one’s meals from baboons and other regular camp visitors like hornbills, mongooses, squirrels and porcupines.

Madison and his brother, Wilder, have the kind of experience with the African bush and African large carnivores that many people might only dream of. Their parents Tico and Lesley McNutt are the founders of the Botswana Predator Conservation Trust, which aims to conserve and protect the large carnivores of Botswana, as well as educate the local people about the importance of these awesome creatures. Tico is considered as the world’s expert on the endangered African Wild Dog, and Lesley is the creative force behind one of the fastest growing and most praised youth conservation education programs on the African continent called, Coaching for Conservation.

At the age of thirteen Madison started boarding school in one of the most prestigious boy’s boarding schools in Africa, St Andrews College in the heart of the Eastern Cape Province surrounded by game farms and reserves.  He spent five years living with 500 boys, where the skills he developed growing up in the bush, such as protecting ones food from hungry baboons, came in very useful.

Erica first met Madison before he was even the age of two, where, as a volunteer working in the research camp, she was tasked with making sure, “he doesn’t leave the kitchen and get eaten by a lion.”

Madison is now a young man with vast amounts of knowledge about Southern Africa and is more than capable of knowing about where and where not to be in the most incredible spaces of Africa.

He is currently attending university in the States and travelling to his heart’s content.